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Product introduction

1.What is Methionine?

Methionine is one of the essential amino acid of the human body, participate in protein synthesis. Appearance of white or light yellow crystalline, with the special smell of sulphur; Insoluble in water, dilute acid, dilute alkali, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether, melting point 281 ℃. Because of its cannot own generated in the body, must be obtained by external.

2.The effect of Methionine.

(1) meeting the requirements of animals and improving growth.

(2) improving amino acids’ balance.

(3) Increasing utilization of feed resources, decrease the cost of feed.

(4) increase the nutritive values of plant protein .

(5) benefit the resources of protein feed as a whole.

3.The application of the amino acids.

The protein in animal products derived from the protein in feed, the lack of raw materials , especially lack of protein feed was the primary factor restrict the development of animal husbandry. Amino acids not only opened up a protein resource beside conventional protein , but also broke a new way to solve the contradiction between the animal husbandry and the lack of raw resources. The manufactory produced the feed additives of amino acids, it is easy to increase the concentration of essential amino acids , not only improve the feed nutrition value, still can obtain many other beneficial effects, which makes industrial amino acid get extensive application in feed industry.

When the body lack of methionine will impede the protein synthesis, and damage the organism. Lipid peroxide damage in primary and secondary lysosome membrane, causing the body to dissolve enzyme as hydrolysis acid phosphatase released as hydrolysis acid phosphatase, damage cells and mitochondrial membrane and other important organelles, methionine through a variety of ways to fight the damage.

4. The method of Amino acid.

Four methods for The industry produced amino acids are (1) fermentation;(2) chemical synthesis;(3) enzyme and chemical, enzymatic;(4) protein hydrolysis method.

5. How to use the methionine.

All sorts of livestock and poultry are using lysine and methionine, but farmers use the methionine became particularly important. lysine and methionine shall be used rationally became very  important, farmers will according to the raw material and nutrient content to use it.

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